Global Day of Prayer in Minnesota

Pray for the world's people groups right here in Minnesota.

What language is spoken at Ethiopian churches in the Twin Cities?

Arabic, Oromo, Tigrinya, English, or Amharic?

All of these languages are used locally. The most common languages for the main church services are Oromo and Amharic. The video at the right is from an Oromo church in the Riverside area, Tokkummaa Warra Hoolaa fi Leencaa (Lamb and Lion Fellowship).

There are at least six Ethiopian churches in the Twin Cities. Many of the Ethiopians came from Bible-believing churches with signs and wonders. Here in the states, miracles have been less common. And the pursuit of capitalism has challenged the Christian commitment of many. Pray for the current believers and their leaders.

Like many other countries, Ethiopia has a history of division and competition and occasional disrespect between various people groups. It is difficult to put all that history aside and act like a church body. Pray for unity and understanding among the Ethiopian believers.

Music 1:20 - 15:20


If you do not have a passport or lots of money, where could you worship with Russian believers?


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